What you can do

Show that the belief that No One Is Illegal is much more widespread than they’d think!

  • Sign the No One Is Illegal declaration (and join our fortnightly email list while you’re there!)
  • Practise saying it out loud: “Immigration controls are by definition racist. I believe no one is illegal.” Then say it to lots of other people!

Find out more

  • Read our series of pamphlets, including “Building An Anti-deportation Campaign”, “Workers’ Control not Immigration Controls”, “Right To Come and Stay For All Not Amnesty For Some”, “A Voice From the Aliens”. Order printed pamphlets or download them from the side column.

Link up with others

Build your own local group based on the principles of No One Is IllegalNo one owns, no one has a franchise, over England or anywhere else. Which is why we are for no borders. Likewise no-one has a franchise over the name No One Is Illegal. Those who have produced and later developed the original Manifesto and who have initiated this website have no desire to be “leaders” of any movement. Just the opposite. We wish to encourage locally based, grassroots No One Is Illegal groups to be formed on the following principles:

  • opposition to controls in their entirety
  • rejection of the absurd notion there can be “fair controls”
  • controls are international therefore we need to make contact with similar movements internationally
  • the need to take collective direct action against controls
  • the recognition that an important weapon in the struggle against controls could/should be the trade union movement
  • an understanding that controls are neither new nor are they eternal. They have at least a century of existence but not much more. It is politically important that this history becomes known
  • no movement against controls — including individual anti deportation campaigns — will be politically valid unless lead by the undocumented themselves
  • the abolition of controls will not in itself mean the abolition of all exploitation of undocumented — however it will be a huge step in that direction.

We are very willing to help you in any way in establishing local groups — through providing speakers, literature etc. Just contact us!Support our campaign with a donationEveryone involved in No One Is Illegal is a volunteer. If you’d like to help financially with our work against immigration controls (which will help with things like printing publications, travel costs and room hire for public meetings and materials for actions and demonstrations) please make out cheques to “No One Is Illegal”, or make a donation via PayPal.