Barnardos colluding to lock up children

On 9 March, Barnardo’s announced that it had agreed with the UKBA to provide staff and children’s activities for the proposed new immigration prison for up to nine families at Pease Pottage, Crawley Forest. A group of activists from groups including London No Borders, All African Women’s Group, SOAS detainee support, and National Coalition of Anti-Deportation Campaigns swarmed in to the Museum of childhood during Barnardo’s fundraising initiatives panel last week to ask, ‘How charitable is it to collude with the UKBA in locking up children?’ and ‘Why fund that of all things during the crisis?’.

Despite some protestations from the crowd, many looked thoughtful and kept quiet during the proceedings. After some leafleting and general interruption the group moved to the front of the museum where banners were laid out and discussions with passers-by took place- all in all a successful stunt.

The campaign against Barnardo’s agreeing to this contract must continue, to keep up to date with the campaign visit the London No Borders website.